About Radhika

Radhika Seksaria’s journey with the paintbrush is as old as her journey with Mother nature. She first started painting as a young girl in her maiden home in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh.

As a child, her curiosity fuelled her imagination, and she brought it to light on canvas. Even in school, Radhika won many prizes for her art. Later, she got married to industrialist Vinay Seksaria and moved to the city of dreams, Mumbai.

Here, too, her journey with the brush continued... While managing her new life, as a wife and mother, she took lessons from a well-known teacher from JJ School of Arts. This helped her learn new techniques and hone her craft.

After 15 years of marriage, when she had fewer familial responsibilities, she started painting professionally. Ever since, she has created hundreds of paintings, which have been showcased in major cities across the world.

Through her art, Radhika aims at bringing joy and bliss to the lives of others. She finds inspiration in all forms of creation, such as, nature, music, and books.

She dwells on the emotion of all forms of creation and tries to capture this quality in her paintings. Radhika’s unique use of light in her paintings leaves a lasting imprint on the mind of the viewer.

For Radhika, art is a spiritual and meditative journey of love. Thus, it wouldn’t be surprising to many that her first exhibition was inspired by Meerabai, and later by the renowned 13th-century poet, Rumi.

Over the years, she has continued to depict Rumi’s stirring expressions of poetic love, and the Sufi soul’s quest to unite with the Divine. Like Sufi literature, Radhika also uses everyday subjects to demystify spirituality.

Her oeuvre has been exhibited in famous exhibitions across the globe, in countries such as the United States, London, UAE, and India. Radhika’s paintings adorn the walls of many an art aficionado and have received praise from several recognized personalities.