In her latest collection Nafs- Radhika Captures the mysterious ways in which the soul works and gives us direction. These messages of course can be ambiguous, abstract and vague. but we listen to them nonetheless. Her paintings speaks to us in such a way that she helps us understand how at times our soul may be lost in the wilderness and how we can retrace our steps and once again come to know who we are. She uses a more abstract form of art in her latest collection that lands itself more easily to multiple interpretations by the viewers. The abstract paintings are characterized by a unique combination of vibrant colors, simplicity and flow.

The latest work is based in the world of inner souls and the hidden face of god and the stages of NAFS on the path to truth and enlightenment ‘Kamil Insan. The paintings of Iranian artist Freydoon Rassouli are what inspired her latest. The artist’s work blends both light and darkness, male and female, negative and positive. His fusionart brings all of these opposites together in a single piece where people from all walks of life can coexist with love and respect.

She similarly explores and expresses her own, unique path of perception that stems from the duality of life, blending both positive and negative energies. Radhika's paintings are imbued with an inner energy that is profound, soulful and deeply moving. Her works explore the mysteries of life and death. From the poignant to the profound, her work is a gateway to inner peace and tranquility. The artist captures a sense of peace and freedom, a healing place we can all find within. The vibrant colors, flowing lines and softness of her paintings evoke an inviting feeling of love and serenity Just like Rassouli who was inspired by a Sufi mystic poet, Radhika too uses Rumi's inspiring poems in her Art - In her own words, it was a love at second sight. "Ever since I heard my mother talk about Rumi, I have been fascinated by the beauty and depth of his poetry. And just like rassouli the inspiration follows in her classical and impressionist painting technique.