Finding light on the horizon-

A light beckons the seeker, and he sees it flashing across every now and then. This light sustains him and gives him hope to carry on with his devotion, to continue in his quest to find the unknown. The light is leading him on his path and it also gives him strength to pursue his true calling. Ultimately, the seeker realizes that he himself is the light, magnificent and radiant, forever a beacon of hope for others!
Stepping into your own space-

When the soul is at peace, it moves steadily and surely to its ultimate destination - the home of the seeker, the home of Divinity. Peace is both a means and an end for the soul. As one gets more connected to that space within which radiates peace and joy, one experiences union with the ultimate force, a force that is always tranquil and blissful.
Seeking joy in every moment-

It’s the soul’s nature to live in joy and bliss…to celebrate the wonders of the Maker, and more importantly to celebrate itself – its uniqueness, its individuality, distinct yet a part of everything around it. This feeling of being one with yourself, the other, and the Divine power, leads to a feeling of euphoria and elation.
Moving toward the eternal-

Every person’s quest is to know one’s self better and ultimately to know the Creator. For this, one has to look inward and outward, and create a balance between the two worlds. When the twain meet, however briefly, one experiences the ultimate truth and nature of existence, and gets a glimpse of the soul.